Our Moment of Choice

We are coming of age…collectively…as a human family and as a planetary consciousness.

We’re going through a MAJOR transformation…a growing up and a changing of form…not unlike the liquification of the caterpillar as it morphs into a butterfly or the emergence of adulthood through the chaos of the teen years.


All life passes through these stages of growth and transformation with similar rhythms and patterns. To be alive and part of living systems means to go through the transformational process again and again…the cracking open of the limiting shell and the falling away of what is no longer needed…the opening to the new and the reaching for the light.

Here we are…right in the middle of a collective transformation of the grandest scale…reaching the limits of our ability to sustain life on planet Earth with our current ways of living and thinking…being stretched into the new for our own survival and the continuation of life itself.

We’re passing through all the awkward, messy, uncomfortable stages of chaos and confusion that mark the leaving behind of what was and the not yet there to what will be.

Old truths are falling away while new ones are just barely forming. We don’t know quite who we are or what to expect. We yearn for the new and cling to the old, one foot on either side of the threshold. 

Because this is a transformation of collective consciousness and we are self-aware conscious individuals within the collective we actually get to choose how we pass through this threshold.

This is our moment of choice.

In order to make this a mature conscious choice…the kind that can open doors to new levels of understanding and opportunity…we’ll have to make some sense of how we’ve gotten to this moment…to peel back the layers and understand the beliefs and choices that led us to the edge of our ability to sustain.

We get to look at everything we’ve inherited and consider what we want to pass on. What kind of values, stories, behaviors and systems do we want our children and their children to receive from us?

Seeing this time we’re living in as a collective coming of age helps me to understand the importance of this choice and the value in the human family becoming responsible, conscious choice-makers. Like teenagers becoming adults…this is our time to claim our power and choose to create the lives and the world that we want to live in together.



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