Parenting in Tumultuous Times

a 12-week online Work That Reconnects experience for parents

Meeting the needs of our children within the demands and chaos of the an ongoing global pandemic, school shutdowns and remote education, the pervasive economic crises, environmental devastation and the erosion of justice, democracy and sanity worldwide is no joke! Being a parent in these times is probably asking way more of you than you could have ever imagined. Beyond all of the practical and physical challenges, we’re also carrying the emotional weight of fear, anxiety, confusion and sadness around the experiences our children are having (and not having).

This program is specifically designed for parents in the midst of all of this.

Beginning in January 2021 we will come together to dive deeply into the joys and challenges of parenting in these tumultuous times and emerge with strategies and inspiration for meeting this unprecedented moment with empowerment and joy.

This program will provide a safe and powerful space of connection with other parents along with Jo delAmor’s practical, loving support and guidance. During our time together we’ll conjure the clarity, courage and solidarity necessary to hone in on what our kids really need and figure out how to provide that to them despite the challenges that our current times present.

Our bi-weekly gatherings will be facilitated in the the style of the Work That Reconnects using content and newly developed practices from Jo’s book “Raising Children in the Midst of Global Crisis: a Compassionate Guidebook for Parenting in Tumultuous Times.” Our sessions will include personal reflection, deep sharing and interactive group work designed to strengthen and transform our relationships to ourselves, our children and the world we are raising them in.

As a participant of this program you’ll get a sneak peak of this book that is due to be released in the Spring of 2021 and be part of one of the first cohorts of parents doing this work together.

Program details:

January 19, 2021 – March 30, 2021

Our tentative meeting time will be every other week on Tuesdays from 1-3pm MT / 3-5pm ET

If you are feeling called to this program but can’t make that time please fill out the registration link anyway and let me know what alternate times would work best for you. (there is a question about that in the form)

This program will be limited to 24 participants in order to create more intimate connection as a group.

We will meet online via Zoom.

Please register by January 10th to reserve your place in the program

Register Here

The exchange for this program is a free-choice donation that is comfortably within your means. If you’re feeling called to participate in this program I want you to be with us, regardless of how much you can afford to contribute. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please give what you are able and feel welcomed.

To help guide your donation decision and give you a ballpark to work with I’ve placed the general suggested donation for this program at $600 USD. You will have the opportunity to send this donation at the end of the registration process.

Important things to know about this program:

  • Choosing to participate in this program is a commitment to an interactive group experience. Please arrive to each session willing and able to be present and participate without distractions.
  • For each session you’ll need to be set up in space that has a solid internet connection and where you feel safe and free to express yourself and emote openly about your experience as a parent. It’s important that this space is not within earshot of your kids.
  • Before each session you’ll be given a section from the book to read that we’ll work with and reflect on together. The readings shouldn’t take more than 30-60 minutes each.
  • Between sessions you’ll be given practices to work with at home. These practices can be incorporated into your family life and will include your children, partners and co-parents.
  • You know what they say…“It takes a village.” This work is best done with other parents that you live with, co-parent with or otherwise interact with on a regular basis. You’re encouraged to invite your partners, co-parents and friends to register for this program along with you. This is a great opportunity to deepen the connections and parenting practices within your version of the parenting village. 

Register Here

We will move through the spiral process of the Work That Reconnects in these six sessions:

Session 1: Greeting the Precious and Precarious Moment We’re In

Session 2: Grounding in Gratitude

Session 3: Embracing Emotion

Session 4: Nurturing New Paradigm Qualities

Session 5: Creating Conditions for Kids to Thrive

Session 6: Growing Forth

For more info and questions email Jo at