Personal Transformation Coaching

Transforming our personal wounds, challenges and obstacles into opportunities for growth, healing, creativity and service for our complex, healing world.



Your personal transformation is a catalyst for planetary healing. 

YOU are the center of your own experience of the world. You both experience and co-create the world you live in through your personal body, physical senses, perceptions, thoughtforms, emotions, dreams and desires.

Therefore…any change, growth, healing and resolution you yearn to see in the world must sprout as a seed within yourself. If you want to live in a world defined by wellbeing, justice and prosperity you have to contribute to its creation by cultivating these qualities in your own body, mind and spirit.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

– Howard Thurman

Personal Transformation Coaching with Jo delAmor

Let’s start out by candidly calling out a misconception of what transformation coaching might mean. First and foremost, it’s important to understand and accept the fact that there is nothing “wrong” with you that needs to be “fixed.” That is not what personal transformation is all about. We don’t set out to change you into something else or alter the parts of you deemed unacceptable.

Personal transformation is about crossing thresholds, growing through edges, transmuting fears and healing wounds. At each stage of our life there is transformation afoot. That is life. A constant transformational growth process.

In this moment of your life a particular edge or wound may be holding you back, causing stress or strain in your life…or otherwise trying to get your attention. This may manifest in a physical illness, emotional distress, relationship challenges, or any number of other expressions. I am here to guide you through the transformational process of discovering, understanding and moving through these challenges so you can come alive more completely.

My approach is deeply holistic, addressing the wide range of interwoven threads that run through our lives, from physical health to spiritual calling.

I was drawn into this work by my own experience of reconciling disillusionment, depression and PTSD as an adolescent that culminated in a complex of serious physical illness as a young adult. Western medicine and conventional methods were not working for me so I started seeking out alternatives. I acquired a thorough education in holistic health and nutrition as I left no stone unturned in the process of healing my body. This successful physical transformation caused me to fall in love with natural foods, herbs, traditional healing modalities and, best of all, my own body.

This love and my enthusiasm to help others heal lead me to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  My holistic health and nutrition education was deepened considerably through their program and I learned how to coach and guide others through their healing process.

My first clients came to me for help with specific health ailments. They wanted to lose weight or had a chronic or degenerative disease. As I guided their physical healing process it became clear quickly that our ailments are never purely physical. The emotional, spiritual and interpersonal dimensions revealed themselves in each client’s process and they could not be ignored. Time and time again, this simple truth made itself known: Everything is connected to everything and it is all held in the magical spiritual mystery of our precious lives and this big wild collective of which we are part.

In service to my client’s wellbeing I called on a depth of experience with personal healing, self-growth work and the wide breadth of my own spiritual practice and study to intuitively guide my clients through a deeply holistic healing experience that I eventually began to call “personal transformation.”

“There are many practitioners who use the term ‘holistic’ to describe their work and approach, but of any I have encountered, Jo most fully embodies this term. Her knowledge and wisdom from a vast range of life experiences, her clear communication skills, and her unconditional support combine to create a highly unique service that simply must be experienced to be understood.  Her work is life-changing, at the deepest and most core level, and she is truly one of a kind.”

~ Faith, Crestone, CO

You deserve to feel comfortable in your own body, at home on this bountiful Earth, confident and clear about your mission in life, free and nourished within your relationships.

I fully believe that each one of us deserves to thrive in health, empowerment and wellbeing. But I know that is a lot easier said than done within the conditions of this modern world. We often don’t receive the support and guidance we need to accomplish this. We are not encouraged to make time to tend to our own self-care. We have been conditioned to conform to the status quo instead of tuning our perception to the subtle vibration of our sacred inner calling.

This is where I come in. As a skilled coach and a compassionate guide. As an ally and cheerleader. As an excuse to make the time for yourself and prioritize your next transformational step as a tangible process you are working on.

Often the work has to do with getting out of our own way, healing old wounds, rewriting old stories we have about ourselves. I provide the mirror so you can see this all more clearly.

It also often has to do with overcoming “external” obstacles, building our capacity and strategizing in new ways. I provide the tools to help you grow into your next stage of awesomeness.

Sometimes the work has to do with recognizing our complicity with systems of oppression and exploitation that denigrate Life and learning to make different choices that contribute to the creation of new, life sustaining systems. I bring a depth of perspective and cultural context to our work that makes this possible.

How it works:

  • You and I make a commitment to working together within the sacred container of a 3-6 month personal coaching program designed specifically for you

  • We meet for private sessions by phone or video conference every other week throughout the duration of our program commitment (60 minutes each)

  • I provide email support and correspondence as needed between sessions to support your transformational process

  • I honor you with deep listening and great respect for exactly where you are in your personal growth and expression

  • I guide you in using effective, proactive, practical strategies for addressing your challenges and obstacles

  • We celebrate your successes as you create a new platform for your vibrant life

It all starts with a Personal Discovery Session…where you and I can get on the phone together to discover the transformation that is calling you in this moment and develop a plan for your successful and supported transformational experience.

Payment for the Personal Discovery Session is offered by free choice gift/donation. Payment for your personal transformation program will be agreed upon during this initial session in respect to your individual financial situation. 


What others have to say about Personal Transformation Coaching with Jo…

“Thank you for your incredible support, Jo. It takes a special person for me to feel comfortable sharing the things I’ve shared with you. Without exaggerating, I feel today may have changed my life.”
~Kerry, Philadelphia, PA


“Working with Radiant Balance has transformed the way I think about my health. I am no longer resigned to getting endless colds in the winter or letting anxiety hijack my body. In a culture where companies’ marketing strategies are designed to mislead and confuse us, I finally feel empowered to make healthy choices.”
~ Eileen, Cambridge, MA

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