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You are here for a reason… 

Here on this website in this moment…and here on Earth in this body at this CRAZY time in planetary history…and YOU are needed in all your magnificent glory.

You have a unique and powerful Sacred Purpose to fulfill in this lifetime and it is desperately needed by this world in transition.

Learning to live your life by this sacred purpose is the key to your personal fulfillment and the magic formula that will turn your life into a gift for the world.

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“There are many practitioners who use the term ‘holistic’ to describe their work and approach, but of any I have encountered, Jo most fully embodies this term. Her knowledge and wisdom from a vast range of life experiences, her clear communication skills, and her unconditional support combine to create a highly unique service that simply must be experienced to be understood. Her work is life-changing, at the deepest and most core level, and she is truly one of a kind.”
(Faith, Crestone, CO )


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