Cultural Transformation

In order to experience justice, freedom and ecological sanity manifesting in our world WE have to come together as a human family to co-create a culture that actually supports these values.

Renouncing hopelessness and reclaiming our power…both personally and collectively…is the transformation that is being called for.

This is a process of untangling the dysfunctional patterns, beliefs and behaviors that define our current version of culture and taking responsibility for what we choose and create with our words and actions…in our relationships and purchases…with our time and inspiration.

This cultural transformation requires us to connect…to collaborate…to share and learn from each other…to get creative and explore our capacity for change and come together in a web of mutual support for the wellbeing of ALL.

My approach to cultural transformation centers around the Work That Reconnects, a body of practices and concepts developed by Joanna Macy and her colleagues over several decades. I engage this work and all cultural transformation with a strong emphasis on decolonization and undoing oppression. My understand and perspective on cultural transformation is  also heavily influenced by the teachings of Martin Prechtel through his school of remembering deliciously important forgotten things, Bolad’s Kitchen

  • Empowering Ourselves for the Great Turning …a one-day retreat to empower our full human brilliance during this precious and precarious time on planet Earth

  • Become a Living Ancestor…a four hour workshop offering Deep Time practices to invite loving guidance from our ancestors and to nourish the future generations with our daily choices.

  • Caring for Children in the Midst of Global Crisis…a three hour workshop designed to help parents, teachers and caretakers of children transmute and release their pain, fear and grief so they can show up for their children with the presence and courage that they truly need.