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The Shape of a Life

Early in the Speak the Spark program Leah asked us to get a long piece of paper and map out the story of our personal lives without using any words. A life story told entirely through symbols and images. I loved this assignment! It was the perfect excuse to create with imagery again after an Continue Reading →

Poem for Change

Right in the middle of the undoing and redoing of my personal/professional transformation, my sister, Cristina Cabeza-Kinney, hosted a radical, beautiful, deeply moving poetry event in synch and synergy with the many 100 Thousand Poets for Change events happening around the world. She asked me to share a poem…for change…for the now. I ventured out Continue Reading →

Musings on the Kali Yuga

It’s the Kali Yuga…accept it and let it go. Here we are…born into these times and these bodies…these stories…given the skills and the strengths appropriate to our challenges in each moment, whether we believe it or not. The empire is declining…the walls are crumbling…Kali is sweeping through this world with her fierce compassion…leveling all that Continue Reading →

Beauty as your J-O-B

What if your job was to create Beauty and express Gratitude? What if these were your sacred tasks…the things you MUST do each day before and beyond anything else? More important than making money. More important than paying your taxes or maintaining your car insurance. More important than getting your kids to school on time. Continue Reading →


I had this idea of wholeness Like I was supposed to keep it all together Like I was supposed to figure it all out and fix it… To hold on to all of it That there was shame in losing any part of myself But life and healing demand release… The letting go and loosening Continue Reading →

Hush Hush…

Hush hush quiet now… we are leaving the rush of things to get done and missions to accomplish… Journeying deep into the white woods, covered in crystalized snow. Crunching beneath feet and huffing of breath the only sounds now as thin streams of sunlight dance on the glossy surface of what was once a playfully Continue Reading →


Arise…ing in a whole new way… pivotal moments opening doors of with greater capacities of wow and now…of hope and faith… of the YESness that feeds the starlight fire of sovereign beings intimately interwoven in the miraculous web of magical life.   Arising…….. Lifting our hearts and songs and dance UP to the Great Continue Reading →

knows not the language

the mountain grasses and wild flowers are a buzz with life this morning a whole universe at play amongst the tiny flying ones swarming and buzzing and fluttering in their own unique dimension pollinating the matrix of life and who knows what else busy and thriving, dive bombing flowers and barreling through the grass seed Continue Reading →

the remembering

after hours and days and weeks of driving i was almost there i cracked the window against the pure black night and a stream of crystal cool mountain air poured into the car i drank it in with my whole body and relaxed all my bones aaaahh…i was home not to my house. Not to Continue Reading →

the forgetting

the wild plains got lost under the franchiseable American Dream greed paved the land and spread the patented seed where once the mighty buffalo roamed and now the flash and glare of digital billboards and neon signs screams out “buy now” against a sky where gazillions of stars are silently shining…invisible to the naked eye Continue Reading →

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