Personal Transformation

YOU are the center of your experience…therefore…all change, growth, healing and resolution you yearn to see in the world must start within you. If you want to live in a beautiful, prosperous, thriving world you have to create it…starting with yourself…by tuning into, trusting and activating your unique sacred purpose and offering it up as a gift to the world.

Your personal transformation is a catalyst for planetary healing. 

Sacred Purpose Discovery Session…a one-time private coaching session with Jo delAmor designed to guide you right to the source of your sacred purpose and unique calling

Personal Transformation Coaching…a series of private coaching sessions with Jo delAmor designed to support you in growing through your current edges so you can feel comfortable in your own body, at home on this bountiful Earth, confident and clear about your mission in life and deeply nourished within your relationships.

Heart-Centered Manifestation Process…a unique bundle of private coaching experiences and creative process where we’ll conspire with the Universe to turn your dreams into reality, once and for all!

Activate Your Personal Power group program…28 days of inspiration, guidance and support for your personal power ACTivation!