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Sometimes the written word just doesn’t do it…Sometimes I want to talk directly to you, right out of my heart…Sometimes I want to take you on walks into the wilderness and share sunshine and running water with you. That’s what these videos are for…a heart connection, face to face…exploring the nuances of personal and cultural transformation as a catalyst for planetary healing right there within the living systems of the planet. Enjoy!

Dianic Creation Story

Let us begin at the beginning… Before the Speak the Spark course even really begun we received our first assignment. To find a creation story that spoke to our hearts and to share it with the group. Creation stories are the first stories…they are the stories of beginnings, of origins…the stories upon which all other Continue Reading →

Poem for Change

Right in the middle of the undoing and redoing of my personal/professional transformation, my sister, Cristina Cabeza-Kinney, hosted a radical, beautiful, deeply moving poetry event in synch and synergy with the many 100 Thousand Poets for Change events happening around the world. She asked me to share a poem…for change…for the now. I ventured out Continue Reading →