Appreciation for Jo’s Work

“I feel today may have changed my life”

“Thank you for your incredible support, Jo. It takes a special person for me to feel comfortable sharing the things I’ve shared with you. Without exaggerating, I feel today may have changed my life.”
~Kerry, Philadelphia, PA

“An incredible vessel for the New…”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, beautiful Jo, for the Radiant Balance support for my healing process. You are an incredible vessel for the New.  Deep, rich and wonderful blessings to you always.”
~ Kathryn, Crestone, CO


“Jo is a gifted teacher and a true friend”

“My goal in working with Jo was to experience more peace and balance in my daily food behavior by finding the right combination of foods for my unique needs. In working with her for the past 6 months, I have not only uncovered a harmonious approach with my food that fits my lifestyle and goals, but also discovered more joy in my relationships, career and spiritual life. Jo is a gifted teacher and a true friend for anyone on the path to better health. I have gained new tools for my journey as well as tapped into the self love and compassion that are critical for any true and lasting growth. Thank you Jo!”
~ Cindy, Crestone, CO

“A highly unique service that simply must be experienced…”

“There are many practitioners who use the term ‘holistic’ to describe their work and approach, but of any I have encountered, Jo most fully embodies this term. Her knowledge and wisdom from a vast range of life experiences, her clear communication skills, and her unconditional support combine to create a highly unique service that simply must be experienced to be understood.  Her work is life-changing, at the deepest and most core level, and she is truly one of a kind.”
~ Faith, Crestone, CO

“I finally feel empowered to make healthy choices”

“Working with Radiant Balance has transformed the way I think about my health. I am no longer resigned to getting endless colds in the winter or letting anxiety hijack my body. In a culture where companies’ marketing strategies are designed to mislead and confuse us, I finally feel empowered to make healthy choices.”
~ Eileen, Cambridge, MA

“True holistic counseling from a highly evolved, loving and nurturing individual”

“I’ve worked with at least half a dozen counselors in my life, but never have I felt so respected, so supported and so loved as I have working with Jo delAmor.  I have grown more physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in the past six months than any other time in my life.  I am deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Jo and highly recommend her services to anyone seeking true holistic counseling from a highly evolved, loving and nurturing individual.”
– Chris, New York, NY

“The best investment I have made for myself and my life path!”

“I wanted to make money by sharing my gifts in the world.  But, I had low self-esteem and I felt stuck in a rut. I was not feeling very creative or empowered. I could only see limits and barriers around money.  I knew there were great possibilities, but I was too foggy to know where to begin.  After working with Jo, I feel fully creative and busting with motivation!  I have a clear direction with my gifts to give and I have reshaped my relationship with money.  My gifts and money are a source of inspiration now.  I feel super empowered, I see pure potential, and I have a soul purpose business!
I feel, by investing and sowing the seeds of my time and money in this program, I have reaped a priceless reward; one that will grow and expand with my core of empowerment.  The best investment I have made for myself and my life path!  I fully endorse Jo’s program and her vision for wholistic health!  I recommend this program to others because she brings amazing skills to the table.  With sharp clarity and mad organizational skills, her coaching facilitates deep change that sticks with you.  She helps connect the dots so your path becomes a joy to follow.”
~ Cristina, Crestone, CO