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I am, and have always been, a lifelong learner. At this time in my life I find myself on a journey back towards formal education, hopefully in the form of a masters program in Divinity in the near future. I intend to share my insights, reflections and gleanings with you as I prepare myself with an independent study curriculum in the realms of world religion, earth based cultures, social transformation, undoing oppression and the power of story.

Living into a New Story with Charles Eisenstein

When I saw the lineup of guest teachers for the Speak the Spark course I was immediately in. Ten of the most brilliant thinkers and radical, change-making storytellers of our times were scheduled to walk us through this journey of exploring sacred storytelling for a new paradigm. The first among them, and one of the Continue Reading →

Dianic Creation Story

Let us begin at the beginning… Before the Speak the Spark course even really begun we received our first assignment. To find a creation story that spoke to our hearts and to share it with the group. Creation stories are the first stories…they are the stories of beginnings, of origins…the stories upon which all other Continue Reading →

Back to School…Divinity Calling

My quest to find a path of authentic service that supports the personal and cultural transformation that I feel is necessary for the healing of our world has lead me away from business…and towards the ministry. And therefore, back to school. I shifted out of coaching as my full time focus in 2014 so I Continue Reading →