What Happens in a Meadow at Dusk?

There are a few big, wild, real, living places left on this planet…a few places where the song of nature prevails and the din of industrial society is forgotten…a few places where the ancestral soul lives on in the movement of wild water and the dance of the insects on the breeze. Far from the Continue Reading →

A Life with Some Question Marks

After three weeks of travel, family visiting, sight seeing and camping in the wilderness I’m back home now to my altar, to my desk and to my regular daily routine. I’m reorienting to my life. A beautiful, gentle, graceful life that also carries strain and struggle. A life with some BiG question marks on it…for Continue Reading →

Musings on the Kali Yuga

It’s the Kali Yuga…accept it and let it go. Here we are…born into these times and these bodies…these stories…given the skills and the strengths appropriate to our challenges in each moment, whether we believe it or not. The empire is declining…the walls are crumbling…Kali is sweeping through this world with her fierce compassion…leveling all that Continue Reading →

Beauty as your J-O-B

What if your job was to create Beauty and express Gratitude? What if these were your sacred tasks…the things you MUST do each day before and beyond anything else? More important than making money. More important than paying your taxes or maintaining your car insurance. More important than getting your kids to school on time. Continue Reading →

Vultures of Culture…yogamats and all

Warning: this post is a bit of a rant…I hate to be a hater but sometimes I just get riled up. And…no offense or judgment is intended against the individual participants and organizers of the festival in question…we are simply products of a truly messed up culture, doing our best in each moment. A great Continue Reading →

The Inheritance of Love

Written on Father’s Day 2014 on the island my dad spent his summers as a kid. Dad…I’m here. Here on the island…sitting on the front porch of the old cottage in the sun and wind, listening to the planes fly close overhead and watching the light play on the water. These shores, covered in beach Continue Reading →

Homeland Blues

The smell of salty air and the curve of the roads under thick green canopies of wet leaves feels deeply familiar to me…like family. Like the ones that held me when I was a baby. These trees, these beaches, these ponds and marshes know me and I know them. Whenever I visit here it feels Continue Reading →

Lassoing Ideas

My mind is always on… …paying attention to everything that’s going on and noticing the connections. When I look around at our changing world and what we’re all going through I can’t help but feel the stories of personal and cultural transformation hiding behind and underneath the surface that’s presented. The subtle play of cause Continue Reading →

Spiritual Healing for our Earth and the Waters

I finally brought myself to watch Gasland this past week…(4 years after it was made) Even though I’m totally grateful that people are creating these documentaries to teach us about what’s going on in our world, I have a tendency to avoid them. It’s just too much for my empathic spirit to stomach. In fact, Continue Reading →

Overcoming Overwhelm with the POWER of your HEARTh-fire

As we face the daunting tasks of our lives…from figuring out how to balance a meaningful livelihood with our personal sanity and quality family time to facing the environmental, economic and political challenges on the global stage…it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even powerless. Often, when I’m talking with people about the changes they want Continue Reading →