Eating Wild

Each bite we take is a communication…a message from the source of our food…encoded and encrypted in a way only cells and spirit can understand…carrying stories of place and energy…and, ultimately, instructions for our growing bodies and souls.

This is why food is so important to me.

It’s not just taste and texture…or convenience and quantity to me…it’s not even just a way to heal myself from or prevent disease…it’s the essential building blocks of my experience. It’s my energetic affiliation…it’s the reality I am creating for myself and the world I live in.

morel mushrooms and wild onions

morel mushrooms and wild onions

Food is a central player in my personal effort to revoke my affiliation with the corporate-military-industrial complex and align more deeply with the Earth.

Leaving behind the “conventional” foods of the Standard American Diet (which we all know by now is SAD) freed my body and my mind from the illnesses I had accumulated in my first twenty years. Eating more natural, organic food made me feel alive again…it cleared my body and empowered my mind. It was like shaking loose from a bad dream.

As I learned about the corporate food supply I realized how much destruction it causes…how atrociously the most popular food companies defile the Earth. Choosing to buy from “conscious companies” and to shop locally as much as possible felt like a step in the right direction.

But even all that “health food” passes through the complex…it picks up all sorts of crazy information along the way from irradiation, packaging, factories, trucks, warehouses and stores.

It’s marked with the signature of consumer culture and, in my dependence on it, I have been locked into it.

So now, with the help of my knowledgeable (and handsome) partner, I’m venturing onward…and outward…into the wild mountains…gathering food and medicine directly from the Source…from the Mother herself.


It’s truly AMAZING how much wild food is growing all around us all the time! The Mother patiently provides for her children, even when they have forgotten how to receive…producing a wide range of flavors and textures…nutrients and teachings.

These are the teachings and the nutrients I need to take in as I learn how to be authentically human on this planet once again…how to connect with the Earth herself and root into a stability and security that is deeper and stronger than any of the “securities” this unsustainable society could promise.

The foods we gather in the mountains carry the signature of the sun and soil and rain and wind that created them. They are OF their place. Infused with the intelligence of the ecosystem. As I eat these foods I feel that I’m taking on the qualities of these plants and gaining the strength and resiliency needed to survive in this alpine desert. This is the blessing of local wild food…it gives you exactly what is needed for that particular place and time.

This realignment from society to ecosystem is a gradual weaning, of course…I am learning and adjusting, incorporating more wild foods into my experience while still very much relying on the store-bought calories…for now.

There is a transformation unfolding…a shift in my body and soul…an awakening to the nourishment of the Mother…and a remembering of my place in her arms.

Wild salad with water leaf and water leaf flowers...rose petals, peppercress leaf and flowers, strawberry leaf and other yummy things of that nature.

Wild salad with water leaf and water leaf flowers…rose petals, peppercress leaf and flowers, strawberry leaf and other yummy things of that nature.

****The natural world is FULL of food that is WAY cleaner and safer than the products of the industrial food supply and agribusiness…BUT…learning which plants are safe and nourishing and which ones can be harmful is a fine art. PLEASE be careful and double-triple check anything you learn here and confirm that the plants you want to eat are safe to eat BEFORE you eat them!  

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