EarthTribe Council Calls

EarthTribe Council Calls

a monthly gathering of people from around the country who are committed to supporting radical cultural transformation by BE-ing the change they wish to see in the world

We’re starting with ourselves and coming together to actively co-create real and lasting change in our personal lives and our collective society by dismantling our cultural programming and replacing it with new thoughtforms, beliefs, values and behaviors that honor and sustain life.

{Personal and Cultural Transformation as a Catalyst for Planetary Healing}

This is a “pay-what-you-can”offering. Your contribution (of any amount) is greatly appreciated.

These monthly tele-gatherings are designed to support the growing EarthTribe rEvolution community and give us the chance to hear each other’s voices, share our transformational triumphs and council with each other over the challenges we face along the way.

These calls provide a safe, effective and dynamic container for exploring cultural transformation and how it is playing out in our lives. They are a place to talk about the stretches we’re making and what we’re learning as we seek to reweave our culture from the inside out.

This is a place to bring your questions, curiosities, discoveries, concerns and successes. We’re truly all going through this together and even the most personal transformations have universal implications. As we listen to each other’s struggles and triumphs we learn. As we see the reflection of other people’s blocks and healing we understand ourselves more thoroughly. Together we’ll experience first hand that:

your healing is my healing…your transformation is my transformation.

Through skillfully facilitated active dialogue you’ll be invited to share and listen, stretch and grow, learn and explore the many threads that are woven into the radical cultural transformation that is now underway.


These calls complement the EarthTribe rEvolution online community  (hosted on Facebook) and will be aligned with the ongoing conversation that happens there.

But you don’t need to be part of the online community to join the calls. I fully understand that many of us choose to limit our time on the Internet or avoid social media sites like Facebook. I also know that many of us (myself included) cherish real live conversations with real human voices…so these calls are our opportunity to connect for real…in real time…with our real voices…to rap, jam, hash out and dialogue about our explorations and insights into the cultural transformation we’re co-creating.

All you need to do is register using the button below and then call the phone number I provide for you (via email after you register) and viola! we’ll all be on the pone together…in a virtual council…a veritable circle of shared heartspace, voicespace and energy.

What’s AWESOME about the EarthTribe Council Calls:  

  • Connecting with other like-hearted souls that care deeply about our world and long to contribute to its healing transformation

  • Seeing our personal situations, longings and struggles in the context of the larger movement of change that is rippling across the globe

  • Understanding ourselves better and receiving priceless insight through the mirroring effect that happens whenever we share deeply with other human beings

  • Enjoying the safe space and time to talk about what’s really going on…to get it off our chests and get real about what matters most to us.

  • Restoring the circle way of giving and receiving, listening and sharing, honoring and respecting each other as family and tribe.


Our calls will be held once a month on a Tuesday evening starting at 6pm MT (5pm PT/8pm EST). The calls will be 90 minutes long. The dates for the Fall/Winter of 2014/2015 are:

  • September 9th, 2014

  • October 14th, 2014

  • December 9th, 2014

  • January 13th, 2015

  • February 10th, 2015

I’ll be recording all of these calls and sharing the recordings with anyone who registers. So, if you can’t make it live but want to listen in later, be sure to register!

Pay what you can to support the circle… 

It is my pleasure to host and facilitate these calls for our growing tribe. And it’s my intent to make this experience accessible to everyone, without the obstacle of finances to get in the way. It’s also important that enough financial love flows in through this channel to support my ongoing work and provide for the infrastructure necessary to host the calls.

So, I’m making this offering to you and inviting you to “pay what you can”…trusting the strength of the circle to balance it all out.

If you feel the call to join us, please do…no matter how much or how little you’re able to offer. You can donate any amount at all but if you want a little ballpark suggestion to work with I’ll say the suggested donation would be $18 per call.

 Instructions for registering:

  • Click on the registration button above.
  • Once you arrive on the payment page enter the amount you’d like to donate under “Your order summary”
  • Then click the “update” link below the price.
  • Next, you can choose to either pay with your Paypal account or to pay with your debit/card card.
  • From there it should be clear sailing…just the standard “plug in the numbers” sort of thing.
  • Then add to your address book and stay tuned in for an email from me with your dial-in info. If you have gmail and my emails are landing in your “Promotions” folder please drag one of them to your “Primary” folder and give permission for future emails from me to be sent there when you’re prompted to.

If you can’t donate or you have troubles with Paypal but you still want to join us just let me know by emailing me at and we’ll work it out.

And, if you’re on Facebook, you’re invited to join the EarthTribe rEvolution group to stay tuned in with the ongoing conversation between calls.