Fed by the Mountain…quite literally

As we started walking down the path into the wilderness, my man called me to attention by asking me to let him know when I saw something edible.

I’d been walking along in my own little world with a vague sort of gratitude and relief to have found our trail head, loaded up our packs and be on our way for our weekend adventure…my mind carouselling around on its usual nonsense.

I was enjoying the pleasant green landscape around us as though it were wallpaper…entering the wilderness like a tourist…just gliding along the surface of appearances.


This prompt to spot some wild edibles brought me into focus and into context.

I was a living being among living beings. I was a creature with specific relationships to all the other creatures around me. I was surrounded by a diverse community of plants and animals, each with their own character and personality…each with their own gifts to give.

The wallpaper began to come alive.

I started trying to hone in on leaf shapes and flower structures, trying to remember what I’d learned and tune into my intuition. At first it was all a blur. It was hard to focus on the details as I was walking by and to pick out the differences in the thickness of leaves all around.

Then my man pointed out some strawberry leaves hidden in the understory. I knew these plants…they were like old friends. But I only knew them for their berries. He told me that the leaves were good to eat too and I tried one…he was right…mild, delicious, nourishing.

As we walked through the forest I started to recognize more plants and learn more plants…touching, tasting, listening to them as we went along. We were surrounded by food!

That weekend we were fed by the mountain, enjoying delicious salads of dandelion, strawberry leaf, peppercress, waterleaf, lamb’s quarter and sheep sorrel (my personal fav!!!). 



Since then I’ve been eating it all up…learning and getting to know the plants…who they are, how they taste, how they make me feel, what they look like as they grow and flower and fruit and mature, where they like to live…

It’s like coming home to my long-lost family!!

Stay tuned for more posts and stories (with more pix) about the food and medicine we’re finding in the natural world around us.

****The natural world is FULL of food that is WAY cleaner and safer than the products of the industrial food supply and agribusiness…BUT…learning which plants are safe and nourishing and which ones can be harmful is a fine art. PLEASE be careful and double-triple check anything you learn here and confirm that the plants you want to eat are safe to eat BEFORE you eat them!  

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