Meet Jo

Hello there…I’m Jo delAmor.

I am here on the precious planet with you at this precarious time in our collective story.

I am walking by your side. Learning to unlearn. Stretching myself to reconnect that which has been disconnected.

Understanding moment by moment, more and more, that this life…my life and your life…is a precious gift to be given to the wellbeing of the whole.

I feel you in my heart. Your fear and confusion. Your quirky creativity. Your vibrant brilliance. Your yearning for more. Your commitment to peace, beauty and wellbeing. I know you are there, like me, waking up to the magical opportunity that this lifetime presents.

I am here to support and empower you in the realization of your unique role in the evolution of consciousness and planetary healing.

Using a rich blend of ancient and enduring perspectives from around the globe and radical self-growth practices developed for our modern circumstances, I guide and nurture individuals and groups through healing transformations that unleash clear purpose, tangible hope, wild freedom and empowered action.

“Jo delAmor… It all started with you. You changed my life.”  

– Jane Winans

Contact me at today to discover how I can support your personal transformation for planetary healing.


“Jo, your spirit has left a beautiful impression upon me. Thank you. You are like a ‘cornerstone.’ A true, pure place upon which to build eternally. Your deep love and devotion to the Earth and community are an inspiration! Thank you.”

 – Alexis


My Personal Journey…

“I used to be restless, now I am relentless”

– Nahko Bear

Way back in the 80s when I was just a little girl I had this funny feeling that something wasn’t quite right. A feeling that something was brewing under the surface of “the way things are done”…something lurking around the corner of “business as usual.”


It was such a pure feeling of distrust, unobstructed by the intellectual thoughts and opinions of adulthood, free of partisan politics and religious ideals…just the innocent observation of a child that things didn’t add up.

How could some people have so much while others were dying of starvation? How could we keep creating problems that we didn’t know how to fix?

When my own personal status quo was torn apart by my sister’s sudden death my suspicions were confirmed.

Three months before my 10th birthday, my super normal life got turned upside down one sunny Saturday morning in August. My teenage sister, who I adored and looked up to in every way, crashed her car into a tree and died instantly, suddenly, unexpectedly…

This trauma was my first rite of passage…it was a “coming of age” and spiritual initiation all wrapped up in one…delivered like a freight train and without the benefit of teacher, mentor or guide. I was on my own with it…in the spiritual wasteland of modern day America.

So my little mind and heart had to figure it out…What was this life all about? What was safe? What was real? What could I count on? What was worth living for?

Untitled 2

Peering beneath the surface of “business as usual” with my curious young mind I discovered the endless hypocrisies, compromises, injustices and imbalances that are the very bedrock of our modern industrial culture and they broke my heart.

Growing through my teen years, I couldn’t bear the thought of becoming an adult in this lost and depraved society. I just couldn’t stomach the façade or understand the value of being alive if it was all going to be a heartless game played at the expense of beauty, integrity, justice and the wellbeing of future generations. For several years I was convinced that suicide would be my only escape from this nightmare of life.

But then LIFE scooped me up, courted me and challenged me to find its magic.

When I truly hit rock bottom…with a complete nervous breakdown and suicidal desperation in my first semester of college…a whisper entered my heart…the whisper of LIFE itself came into my being and opened the door of possibility for me, presenting this challenge…It said, Life is meant to be beautiful, rich, real, raw, stimulating…and it can be, even now, even here in the midst of all this pain and confusion…but if you want to experience it you must go out in search of it.”

And so I began a quest for the raw beauty of life…sniffing the trail of radical truth and authenticity.

As I traveled the land and journeyed within, I dove into indigenous spirituality, natural self-care, song and celebration, natural building, self-love, homesteading, natural birth and parenting, reverence, alternative education, organic gardening, healing relationships, community building, etc.

I started taking loving care of my body, my relationships and my surroundings. I left behind the factory food and mass media and began to explore and practice traditional lifeways and spiritual practices from all over the globe. And I came ALIVE.

Untitled 3

Studying these systems I found a precious thread that weaves through them all…reconnection…the process of reclaiming and nurturing our connections with ourselves, each other, Spirit, and the Earth.

As this process of reconnection began to heal my own ailments of dissociation I saw that we are all in this together…with so much to heal, tons to transform and infinite possibilities of beauty at our fingertips.

From this depth of awareness my commitment arises…to actively participate in the healing of our personal and collective wounds and alienations…to reconnect the separations…to play my part in reweaving wellness for all and co-creating a life sustaining culture that can be passed on to our future generations.

I have been facilitating personal and cultural transformation since 2007 by lovingly guiding others through their process of reconnection, self-discovery and the manifestation of empowered beauty in their own lives!

If LIFE is calling you, I’m here to help you answer that call…


Contact me at to find out how this revolutionary work can help you realize your fullest potential and turn your life into a gift for the world.

“There are many practitioners who use the term ‘holistic’ to describe their work and approach, but of any I have encountered, Jo most fully embodies this term. Her knowledge and wisdom from a vast range of life experiences, her clear communication skills, and her unconditional support combine to create a highly unique service that simply must be experienced to be understood. Her work is life-changing, at the deepest and most core level, and she is truly one of a kind.”

– Christine Faith

My Offerings to You…

Personal Transformation: Any change, growth, healing and resolution you yearn to see in the world around must start within you. If you want to live in a beautiful, prosperous, thriving world, you have to create it…starting with yourself…by tuning into, trusting and activating your unique sacred purpose and offering it up as a gift to the world. Your own personal transformation is the most powerful catalyst for planetary healing. 

Cultural Transformation: We’re all in this together…and we’ve inherited a culture hellbent on its own destruction (and the destruction of LIFE itself). These precious and precarious times call for us to come together and transform the culture we’ve been born into. Our world needs creative, empowered individuals to come together, pouring our hearts and hands into co-creating a culture that actually supports LIFE. This cultural transformation begs us to connect…to collaborate…to share and learn from each other…to get creative and explore our capacity for meaningful change.

Bundles of Words: As I journey through the transformational process in my own life and with my clients, my heart and mind often overflow with words…words of feeling and sense…of observation and witnessing…of awe and celebration. There is just so much to share. These offerings give you a window into what I’m feeling, seeing and noticing so you can experience the courageous beauty of personal transformation that my clients are taking on each day and share in the messy ectasy of waking up into our authentic passionate selves. These bundles of words give voice to the ache and the growing pains of a culture in desperate need of change…to the exquisite challenge of living life, raising children and discovering our true paths in this precious and precarious time on planet Earth.

Transformational Artwork: And sometimes it all spills out in imagery. These paintings and drawings are my own expression and exploration of the transformational journey, played out in colors and shapes and symbols…all that can not be expressed in words.

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