Author Bio – Jo delAmor

Jo delAmor is the author of Raising Children in the Midst of Global Crisis. She is a mother, coach and Work That Reconnects facilitator who has dedicated over twenty years to the care of children and their families. She has led dozens of parents from around the world through her signature group program: Parenting in Tumultuous Times – a practical, fun and supportive course for parents looking to do right by their kids in these times of converging global crises. 

Jo has worked as a personal coach for over fifteen years. Upon graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2007, she launched her private practice as a Holistic Health Coach, working mostly with moms. As her work evolved she began to identify as a personal transformation coach and dedicated her practice to supporting personal and cultural transformation as a catalyst for planetary healing. Her coaching work is deeply holistic, incorporating reconnection to self, all our relations, the Earth and the Divine across Deep Time in service of the ones yet to be. Since 2013, Jo has been facilitating the Work That Reconnects with a focus on dismantling oppression, transforming our cultural paradigm and supporting parents through these unprecedented and challenging times. 

Jo delAmor is a mom and a stepmom to two young adults who graduated high school in 2020, in the middle of Covid lockdowns and school closures. For over twenty years, she has also cared for and worked with hundreds of other people’s children of all ages in a wide variety of contexts. She was blessed to live in and care for children within a long-term co-parenting community throughout her child’s upbringing. She has also designed and facilitated after school programs in low-income public schools, been a lead teacher for Unitarian Universalist Sunday school, mentored high school students, chaperoned many field trips and school social events, been a wilderness camp counselor, taught in preschools and daycare facilities, and worked as an in-home nanny. In all her work with children, she has paid close attention to what this new generation needs at this pivotal time on planet Earth, charting what works, what doesn’t and what is being called forth from us as parents.