for Raising Children in the Midst of Global Crisis: A Compassionate Guidebook for New Paradigm Parenting by Jo delAmor

“There seems to be no better a time to reconceptualize parenting than now, here at the precipice of a broken civilization. Why? It’s because parenting is ecological. Parenting is more-than-human care. Parenting is a strange grace that inhabits the suffocating architecture of the familiar. Jo feels that and she writes her yearning for new paradigms of parenting into our bones with this book. This book is a prayer, not a prescription. A sitting-with, a yearning- alongside. A glimpse of the possible. And it begins – as Jo imagines it does – right in the swirling mass of space that exists between us and the children the world has gifted itself through us.”

– Bayo Akomolafe, Ph.D., Author of These Wilds Beyond our Fences: Letters to My Daughter on Humanity’s Search for Home; Inaugural Global Senior Fellow, Othering and Belonging Institute; Inaugural Global Scholar, Aspen Institute

“Jo delAmor offers an inspiring and practical vision of parenting as a form of activism, as a powerful way to seed a new Thriving Life paradigm into our world in deep crisis and travail. New Paradigm Parenting means learning alongside our children, healing the collective wounds passed down to us, while cultivating courage, creativity, and resilience in ourselves and our children. Jo offers simple and age-appropriate practices for both parents and children to support this ongoing process.”

– Molly Brown, M.A., M.Div, Co-author, with Joanna Macy, of Coming Back to Life; Editor of the WTR Network DeepTimes Journal; Co-director of Spiral Journey Facilitator Development Program

“Frozen in place, overwhelmed, blindsided, confused – how do we parent in this era of planetary and human upheaval? Jo delAmor helps us truly visualize the journey we are on – one that requires letting go, the unlocking of our feelings and our emotions. By opening ourselves up, we can respond with creativity and with the courage required. Jo helps guide us to find our unique path where we can claim agency, hone our abilities, and build hope. As we find our path, we can help our children find theirs – ones that are personal, intuitive, and informed. This is an important book for our times.”

– Harriet Shugarman, Author of How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change: Turning Angst Into Action; Executive Director of ClimateMama; Professor of Climate Change and Society and World Sustainability; Inaugural co-chair, Our Kids Climate.

“Collectively, we are going through it. If you are a parent, grandparent, relative, guardian or even envisioning bringing children into this time, what is the first question in your heart? For most it is unequivocally – What will happen with our children? However we answer this, we seek honest resolve to hold our children in the midst of great uncertainty with more love and less fear. Without denial, in Raising Children in the Midst of Global Crisis, Jo delAmor gives us courage to take heart as she teaches skills and inspires us to live beyond mere grappling so we can ground and build our present futures with more trust, presence, gratitude and resilience.”

– ALisa Starkweather, Co-founder of Women in Power initiations and the Red Tent Movement