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Mother River

Mother River, mastery of ripple and sound and light, casting moving patterns along the stony ground   Thank you…   For your endless generosity of flow dancing wildly over the rocks and sinking low and slow in the wide open spaces   For carrying the song and cradling the curling leaves  as they journey onward, Continue Reading →

Imbolc…the quickening

LIFE is stirring, churning, breaking the seals on reality as I have known it…on the fears and insecurities that have bound and tied me all these years. LIFE is rocking my boat…shaking me loose from this story that I have a say…that I get to direct and control its unfolding. It is simply unfolding, wild Continue Reading →

Praise be to LIFE!

Praise be to LIFE… Humming teeming squirming tenacious LIFE Praise be to Her courage And unwavering devotion to growth. Praise be to the urge that Arises in each tender seed And in each of our hearts.   Blessed LIFE, You tear apart every containment, Breaking through the concrete And reclaiming your rightful dominion. You rip Continue Reading →

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