Work That Reconnects

The Work That Reconnects is a strong guiding light for me…

Developed by Joanna Macy and her colleagues over the course of several decades, the Work That Reconnects provides a brilliant, interactive structure and platform for facing “the mess we’re in without going crazy.” (which is the subtitle of her book Active Hope) This body of work has been a powerful tool for me as I navigate my own emotional responses to the often disheartening state of the world. It helps me see, feel and understand the radical interconnectedness that is woven into the very fabric of Life and reminds me that the force of Life is way bigger and older and more creative than any of the forces that might seek to dominate Her. I also love that it is a collection of interactive practices…bringing us beyond thought and into action, into authentic embodied reconnecting.

I have incorporated WTR practices into my private and group offerings since around 2011. In 2017-2018 I reengaged this work through an international year-long Facilitator Development Program and earned a certificate as facilitator. I have begun to offer facilitated WTR workshops and experiences once again and will be developing future experiences with a strong focus on understanding and undoing oppression. Find out more about my WTR related cultural transformation offerings here.