Re-Parenting Ourselves…

During this time of global transition and societal transformation we’re having to do a lot of “re” work…relearning, redirecting…re-membering and re-collecting all the scattered pieces of our whole selves. And along the way most of us have to do some significant re-parenting, as well.

Many of us emerged from childhood without the confidence, clarity and empowerment needed to thrive as well adjusted adults. The unconditional love and supportive, compassionate guidance a young person needs to develop successfully was in short supply in most of our childhood households. It isn’t because our parents didn’t love us and do the best they could with the tools, resources and awareness they had at the time.

It is because, as a society, we are growing up and healing through generations of collective trauma…wars, genocide, oppression, sexism, racism, domestic violence, slavery, etc.

We each stem from a lineage that has been harshly wounded and has done its best to persevere in a troubled and violent world. Dysfunctional behavior patterns like authoritarian control, co-dependence, abuse, manipulation, addictions and other ways of limiting our brilliance are the coping mechanisms that have made it possible to survive through these troubled times. But they won’t be able to lead us into a functional and healthy future.

At a time when the old structures are falling apart it is our right and responsibility to create anew. It is time for us to re-birth ourselves and re-parent ourselves into thriving, well-adjusted, compassionate and capable adults so that we can be of service to the re-birth and healing of the world. Even if we weren’t nurtured as children, it is time to muster up the ability to nurture our children, our communities, our projects and our work in the world. If we allow it, this ability will arise out of our innate human creativity and our natural impulse to survive and thrive and pass a livable planet on to our children.

The best place to start is always the closest to home…

Right in our own hearts and minds. Each of us has an inner child and an inner parent. These are the voices that swirl around inside of us whining, complaining, worrying, nagging, criticizing and scolding. They can rule our lives and keep us from living into our full selves if we let them play out their patterns without awareness.

As we become aware of them we have the opportunity to treat them as our beloved and wounded children…to hold them gently and listen…to find out what they need in order to feel safe and comfortable. This may seem risky. Most of us just want to push them away, banish them, punish them or judge them because they cause us so much trouble. But this is just perpetuating the cycle of neglect and abuse. As we turn toward the voices and open our arms to them we often find that it wanted nothing more than acknowledgment, just like a child. Once we’ve embraced these aspects of ourselves they become our allies and they can help us move forward rather than holding us back.

The tides are turning…

As we approach the apex of the global transformation almost everything is upside down and inside out. We are in such a state of breakdown that we can no longer count on our elders to guide the way. Of course, there are some truly special elders on the planet that carry essential teachings and wisdom but the majority of those in older generations are stuck in self-limiting and dysfunctional beliefs that arose as a reaction to trauma.

Now is the time that we must take responsibility for our own personal development. It is up to us to heal the wounds of our lineage and clear the way for the young ones. No one else will do this for us. We can heal these wounds as an act of service to the future. The young ones that are being born into the world now are here to heal and restore the planet. If we can get most of the baggage out of the way for them, they will be able to do their jobs more easily and powerfully. We may even think of them as our elders as we serve them with honor and respect, looking to the future for guidance rather than the past.

Receiving divine lovin’ from the Universal parents…

Our own mothers and fathers may not have been able to raise us in a field of unconditional love and compassionate guidance, but each and every one of us has access to parents that can. The Divine creative LIFE force energy that moves through and supports all things is the Universal Mother/Father we all innately want to connect with. This parental force is as close to us as our breath and blood.

Many of us have lost our intimate and sustained connection to this LIFE force energy over the years of trauma and conditioning. When we are traumatized or disappointed by our birth parents or society our typical response is to withdraw and shut down in order to protect ourselves. This may help temporarily to remove the immediate threat or to harden against abuse but it also cuts off our ability to receive love and support from the Universal Mother/Father.

As we take responsibility for our healing and personal development we may choose to reopen ourselves to this supportive parental energy. This reopening requires diligence and deep courage. As we unlearn our dysfunctional patterns and re-learn how to tap into this powerful energy, we’ll re-create our essential intimate relationship with the Universal Mother/Father. In this relationship we’ll find that we are held, guided and filled with inspiration to prepare the way for future generations to thrive.

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