Praise be to LIFE!

Praise be to LIFE…
Humming teeming squirming tenacious LIFE
Praise be to Her courage
And unwavering devotion to growth.
Praise be to the urge that
Arises in each tender seed
And in each of our hearts.


Blessed LIFE,
You tear apart every containment,
Breaking through the concrete
And reclaiming your rightful dominion.
You rip the status quo asunder
With a fierce and thirsty
Impulse to evolve and expand.
Incarnation after incarnation
You keep coming back for more
Undaunted by the abuses you’ve suffered.
Crucifixions and witch hunts
Cannot scare you off
Oil spills and nuclear disasters
Cannot hold you down.
Praise be to LIFE eternal
Rising above and beyond all harm
Squirming teeming humming
Through the Universe to the
Beat of Her own drum.

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