Overcoming Overwhelm with the POWER of your HEARTh-fire

As we face the daunting tasks of our lives…from figuring out how to balance a meaningful livelihood with our personal sanity and quality family time to facing the environmental, economic and political challenges on the global stage…it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even powerless.

Often, when I’m talking with people about the changes they want to make in their personal lives and the changes we want to see in the world around us, I hear the same exasperated question… “but how?”

“How are we supposed to create this kind of widespread social change or even make changes in our personal lives when most of us are struggling to just get by and make ends meet?”


Lighting Your HEARTh-Fire

The answer lies in your heart…and the magical power hidden within it. Deep inside your heart there is actually a power that can transform your overwhelm to ease…your daunting tasks to joyful pursuits.

In the chamber of your heart lies your connection with your true soul’s purpose. And, conveniently, right in there along with it are all the tools you need to fulfill it.

They will wait there, dormant and unused, for as long as you keep yourself busy running around trying to make ends meet and pleasing everyone else in your life. They may call out to you from time to time. But, the more you cast your attention outward, the farther away you’ll get from them and the more overwhelmed and powerless you’ll feel.

Overcoming your overwhelm and reclaiming your personal power is about coming back to your heart…back to the center of your SELF.


Imagine your heart chamber as a sacred HEARTh…a fireplace. When the fire burns strong in this sacred HEARTh it fuels your life…it provides the light and passion and clarity necessary to meet any challenge that comes your way and fulfill all your dreams. Like any fire, it needs to be tended.

When we’re busy chasing after fulfillment outside of ourselves, struggling to make ends meet and satisfy everyone around us no one is there tending the fire. The HEARTh becomes cold and dusty. The sacred bundle of your purpose no longer burns brightly.

When your sacred purpose is burning brightly and leading the way everything falls into place. Your priorities become crystal clear. You become invigorated by your passions and focus. Unnecessary stress and feelings of obligation, guilt and resentment fall away. You feel inspired by your life and can meet each day with enthusiasm. In short, you become emPOWERed.

“In some ways my life has become way more full and complicated since the Activate program but for the first time since I was probably 13 or something I have no stress, no exhaustion, no resentment…no fear even. I look for it and it’s not there!”

– Daya Scheide

Activate Your Personal Power participant…reporting 6 months after his activation experience in Fall of 2013

Warrior-like Attention…

Activating Your Personal Power is about lighting the fire in your sacred HEARTh and learning to tend it with the fierce commitment and dedication of a warrior.

Once we awaken the flame we have to tend the fire with our unwavering attention. Being a warrior isn’t all about war and hatred and anger…it’s about going to battle for the things you love…It’s about vigilance and dedication…fierce love and commitment to what matters most. It’s a willingness to put your attachment to your comfort zone on the line to serve the greater good.

Reclaiming your personal power and learning how to manifest your inspirations and dreams with confidence requires a steady and sustained attention to what matters to YOU. You are the only one who can make your dreams a reality. It is up to you to choose to be that warrior for change in your own life.


Activate Your Personal Power will initiate you into a whole new level of warrior-like attention…and the personal power and freedom that comes with it.

During this unique group experience you will:

  • Ignite your sacred HEARTh fire by reconnecting with your unique and precious sacred callings and tapping into your own brilliant inner guidance

  • Cultivate your focus and vigilance by honing in on what is essential to you and learning to lovingly release the draining distractions and self-limiting beliefs.

  • Cut the weight of your todo list in half by leveraging your passion to get ‘er done.

  • Be uplifted by the power of connection and group support with other like-hearted warriors for change!

The tools and awareness you’ll gain through our time together will radically restructure how you approach your life and the world…filling you up with emPOWERed confidence and enthusiasm for the precious opportunity you have to live your dreams in this lifetime. It’s a priceless investment in your ease and grace fund…not to mention your hell-yeah fund.

“I had no idea how much Activate Your Personal Power would change my life. I found the power within me to make life long dreams come true.

Jo pointed out to me the blockages in my mind and guided me to see what I really aligned with and wanted from life. I learned that I am capable of expressing and bringing into fruition my truest desires. Her meditations and activities where always timed perfectly in the unfolding of my true self.

I believe that what I learned in this workshop will last a lifetime because every time I think I can’t achieve something I will remember that I have the tools to do it, and that I can do it to my fullest.”

– Lyndsay Rose

Activate Your Personal Power participant…reporting 6 months after her activation experience in Fall of 2013

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