Lassoing Ideas

My mind is always on…

…paying attention to everything that’s going on and noticing the connections. When I look around at our changing world and what we’re all going through I can’t help but feel the stories of personal and cultural transformation hiding behind and underneath the surface that’s presented. The subtle play of cause and affect that dances through our lives calls out to me. Life is SO precious and so rich and there is so much wisdom folded into even our most mundane moments. All this…that normally goes unsaid, concealed behind the curtain, stirs in my heart and begs to be said.
That’s why I’m compelled to write. The stories want to be told. The connections yearn to be exposed.

But usually, when I sit down to write to you, it’s all a swirling mess…thoughts, feelings, ideas, patterns, nuances of vibration…like wild horses with butterfly wings having a frantic caucus race in between my ears. Getting the words written down and out to you requires heroic feats of lassoing, performed with vigor and delicacy. I’ve gotta gather up all my energy and dive in, never knowing if I’ll actually catch anything worth bringing home to you. Sometimes I feel like I’m just running in circles trying to tackle the BiG ideas.
So I’m changing my tactics. Instead of going after the big ones, with the weight of perfection they demand, I’m going to simply sit each day, quietly with a bowl full of honey-coated consciousness and coax the little ones toward me. I’m going to cultivate relations slowly and sweetly with these stories that want to be told. And I’m going to tell them to you. In no particular order. With no grand plan. Messy, sloppy, raw, untailored…so we can all be here together…out in the open with the unsaid said…with the curtains drawn back.
I don’t know how it’s going to go. It’s a total experiment. But I have a feeling it will be sweet…refreshing…real. I think we could learn a lot along the way. So, I invite you to take the journey with me.
My commitment is to sit each morning and prepare the honey bowl with my loving attention and listening heart and then to record what wants to be said and share it with you. Let’s see how it goes… 

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