Imbolc…the quickening

LIFE is stirring, churning, breaking the seals on reality as I have known it…on the fears and insecurities that have bound and tied me all these years.

LIFE is rocking my boat…shaking me loose from this story that I have a say…that I get to direct and control its unfolding.

It is simply unfolding, wild and beautiful like a mountain rose. It is simply emerging and blossoming, unyielding to my hesitation.

It goes on whether I like it or not and I am being shown that the only sane choice I have is to like it…to enjoy it…to say “Yes, please” and “Thank you” and to let it in all the way. It is being served and I will give thanks for it and Eat, with a capital “E.” What else is there to do? What other option could I live with?

Great Mystery, please have mercy on me and my loved ones. Each and every one of us shaking and quaking in the presence of the Infinite.And even in this awareness I am shaking. I am on my knees and shaking, like a child on the edge of a dark wood. And I am here pleading for Your guidance. Pleading for Your mercy.

We are bound in illusions of separateness, bound in attachment to these bodies and the stories of these lives. We are trying…to make sense of it all…to give way to it all…to let it all move through us.

We are trying and we struggle. Such silliness, really. We struggle. And it is true. We struggle as we loosen our grip on the pain and fear that has so long been our identity.

Please have mercy on us. Each and every one of us ad lift us upon the hands of grace so that we may contribute to the unification and healing of ALL of consciousness. Let none be left behind. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.


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