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Culture is, by nature, a collective thing. When we explore the roots of culture we see it all comes back to our interpersonal relationships…parenting, family, partnership, community, clan, tribe, society. And we realize that none of us will pass through this transformation alone. It is only in coming together and strengthening our relations with others that we can co-create a life-sustaining culture. In order to do this we’ll have to heal the wounds of separation, mistrust, trauma and loss that have become associated with relationships in this culture of fear and competition. Posts in this category will invite us to acknowledge and transform our relational wounds so we can become more loving and conscious parents, partners, loved ones, friends and community members.

The People are Rising!

Right along side the Occupy Wall Street movement there has been another movement of the people that has received even less media attention… …the Right to Know March: a Mobilization for GMO Labeling. GMO protesters will be marching from the United Nations building in NYC to the White House in DC from October 1 through Continue Reading →

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