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We are children of the Earth. Each and everyone of us is born of her elements and sustained by her bounty. As we seek to transform our culture into one that can actually sustain life we must follow her lead. Learning directly from the Earth and honoring the exquisite balance of the web of life she supports are essential to our survival and our evolution. Posts in this category will guide us in reconnecting with the Earth through our daily practices and awareness. We’ll explore biomimicry, rewilding, food systems, energy sources, economic impact and environmental dangers in an effort to create a culture that can restore ecological sanity in our world.

Beauty as your J-O-B

What if your job was to create Beauty and express Gratitude? What if these were your sacred tasks…the things you MUST do each day before and beyond anything else? More important than making money. More important than paying your taxes or maintaining your car insurance. More important than getting your kids to school on time. Continue Reading →

Vultures of Culture…yogamats and all

Warning: this post is a bit of a rant…I hate to be a hater but sometimes I just get riled up. And…no offense or judgment is intended against the individual participants and organizers of the festival in question…we are simply products of a truly messed up culture, doing our best in each moment. A great Continue Reading →

Homeland Blues

The smell of salty air and the curve of the roads under thick green canopies of wet leaves feels deeply familiar to me…like family. Like the ones that held me when I was a baby. These trees, these beaches, these ponds and marshes know me and I know them. Whenever I visit here it feels Continue Reading →

Spiritual Healing for our Earth and the Waters

I finally brought myself to watch Gasland this past week…(4 years after it was made) Even though I’m totally grateful that people are creating these documentaries to teach us about what’s going on in our world, I have a tendency to avoid them. It’s just too much for my empathic spirit to stomach. In fact, Continue Reading →

The Return of Spirit

Stop what you’re doing just for a moment and see if you can feel your breath moving in and out of your body…if you can feel your heart beating in your chest. Can you feel the LIFEforce in you? The energy that keeps all your bodily systems running. This lifeforce is more than a biological Continue Reading →

The Need for Necessity

The people of the Arctic learn to make cozy and perfectly waterproof boots out of sealskin because they NEED them. The people of the Amazon learn to make medicines out of the plants to cure disease and clear away parasites because they NEED to. And people all over the world have learned to gather in Continue Reading →

What’s it gonna take?

When the newsfeed and broadcasts get flooded with images and stories of violence, oppression, injustice and pollution…do you ever think to yourself… “What’s it gonna take?” What’s it gonna take for us to change our ways? To realize, once and for all, that this culture of disconnection and disrespect is a dead end street…to wake Continue Reading →

Hush Hush…

Hush hush quiet now… we are leaving the rush of things to get done and missions to accomplish… Journeying deep into the white woods, covered in crystalized snow. Crunching beneath feet and huffing of breath the only sounds now as thin streams of sunlight dance on the glossy surface of what was once a playfully Continue Reading →

knows not the language

the mountain grasses and wild flowers are a buzz with life this morning a whole universe at play amongst the tiny flying ones swarming and buzzing and fluttering in their own unique dimension pollinating the matrix of life and who knows what else busy and thriving, dive bombing flowers and barreling through the grass seed Continue Reading →

the remembering

after hours and days and weeks of driving i was almost there i cracked the window against the pure black night and a stream of crystal cool mountain air poured into the car i drank it in with my whole body and relaxed all my bones aaaahh…i was home not to my house. Not to Continue Reading →