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Welcome to the EarthTribe rEvolution!!


Do you ever ask yourself…

“What’s it gonna take? What’s it gonna take for us to change our ways?”

To realize, once and for all, that this culture of disconnection and disrespect is a dead end street…to wake up to the fact that we are running out of time and space and resources and grace for this blatantly brutal way of life…to not only realize these truths but to allow them to change our collective course of action.


Well, I do…and the answer I’ve arrived at is…

“What it’s going to take is a radical transformation of our culture…from the inside out.”

That means starting with ourselves and coming together to actively co-create real and lasting change in our personal lives and our collective society.

{Personal and Cultural Transformation as a Catalyst for Planetary Healing}

To journey into this experience of transformation together we’ll need to gather ourselves across the expanse of the distance we cover…so…I’ve created an online sacred space for our tribe to gather and share our experiences, our questions and our discoveries…

It’s called the EarthTribe rEvolution and it is a refuge, a sanctuary and a playground for honest, safe, curious, edgy explorations of cultural transformation.

In our exploration we’ll be unplugging and rooting in…unlearning and relearning…flippin’ the script in every way as we release our out-moded cultural programming and bring form to a culture that can truly sustain and nourish LIFE!


Our radical cultural transformation will be woven from the inside out as we dismantle our cultural programming and replace it with new thoughtforms, beliefs, values and behaviors that honor and sustain life.

The cultural transformation that is being called for must be foundationally personal and radically holistic. By nature it will transform every aspect of our lives. Each aspect is a thread that will be woven into the fabric of our new reality.

These threads are anchored on the medicine wheel, or sacred hoop of life…they feed into each other and overlap…there is truly no beginning and no end…none come first and none come after…they are deeply interconnected and transforming simultaneously.

The culture we are co-creating…

Honors and sustains LIFE…
It works for everyone and everything…
And it humbly serves the future seven generations and beyond.


Genuine change is being called for. And WE are the ones being called.

It’s true…you and me…those of us who are blessed with the wherewithal and freedom to even reflect on this situation…those of us who have the emotional capacity to feel the outrage and grief…those of us who can see right through the lies…those of us who are smart enough and curious enough to dig down to the roots of this cultural madness…those of us who are creative enough to reweave a new culture through our personal thoughts, actions and deeds…to start with ourselves and our families and establish innovative and positive new ways of being in the world.

We are the seekers…the ones who have been on the lookout for a different way of being…the ones who are stirred by revolutionary art and music…who feel a calling in our souls toward authentic justice, peace and freedom…

We are the ones who see right through the hypocrisy of our modern institutions…we are the edge dwellers…the ones who have been looking for the out…the different way of living and being…maybe we’ve wandered off into the wilderness (or dreamed of it)…maybe we’ve experimented with living in community (or dreamed of it)…maybe we’ve delved into esoteric and mystical spiritual practices and teachings…we’ve read all the books…we’re paying attention to the signs…we’re longing for more.

We are creative and intelligent…truth and wisdom stir within us…we have ideas and thoughts about transformation…about the things that need to change.

We are striving to live well…to be responsible and respectful toward the Earth and serve our communities and lean into our spiritual growth and devote ourselves to raising awesome kids and aspire to be as super conscious as we can be and sometimes we get overwhelmed and burnt out…

We realize that the change we truly long for is going to take more than any one of us can do on our own…that it’s going to take a massive and creative collaboration…it’s going to take us coming together in honesty and with courage to co-create real change…in every aspect of our lives and society.

At times we’re disappointed and frustrated about our attempts to live differently…jaded and disillusioned…giving up on the dream or settling for a life that doesn’t fully satisfy in order to fit in,appease our loved ones, provide for our children, pay the bills…

We feel a disconnect between our daily lives and the peak experiences of spiritual connection and fulfillment we’ve had in ceremonies, travels, festivals,gatherings and moment of ecstatic union…

At times we feel hopelessly alienated and separated from that feeling of union, from others, from the Earth and even from our own truth.

Some call us the “socially dissatisfied” because we long for more out of life than the hamster wheel that mainstream society has to offer. The media told some of us that we’re generation X and we’ve taken that on to some extent…lost and floating…not really sure about the future or connected with the past…

When we tap into what’s happening globally we get overwhelmed. We care deeply about the Earth and her creatures…we care about humanity and justice but we can barely keep up with our own lives and families…the atrocities of the world are too much to think about so we turn away or we just sign the petitions and send a little prayer but have that sinking helpless feeling in our hearts.

If you are one of us, please join in on this transformational conversation and the co-creation of a new life-sustaining culture that will serve our deepest longings and the generations to come.


Our commitment to each other in this dialogue is to be:

  • Transparent and honest…sharing our questions, curiosities and feelings fully and without pretense or fear of judgment

  • Courageous in our exploration…allowing ourselves to be undone and put back together as we challenge our preconceived notions

  • Open minded and open hearted…respecting each other and the diversity of our beliefs, experiences and opinions and considering each other’s wellbeing with “circle consciousness”

  • Self-responsible…”owning” our own feelings, judgments, behaviors, beliefs and projections

  • Willing to experiment with what we learn here in our own lives and report back honestly about how it goes so we can mutually support tangible transformation in our lives and society.


This sacred space is hosted in a closed Facebook group. If you already use Facebook simply follow this link and request to join the group. Because it’s a closed group anyone can see that the group exists and see who is in the group but only members of the group can see what’s posted there.



These are the threads we’ll weave into our cultural transformation through our words and deeds…

Cultural Transformation

Culture is something we take for granted…it’s the water we swim in…the paradigm of reality that we can hardly even see because it’s all we know. It’s what we’re born into…the reality that gets passed down from generation to generation. Normally, our survival and wellbeing would depend on following suit with the culture that we’re born into. But these are not normal times…we’ve been born into a culture that is curating its own destruction while it devastates every other culture, species and ecosystem on the planet…and we know we can’t just follow suit.

This part of the conversation will help us explore and understand our own culture and how we can transform it from the inside out.

Spiritual Connection

Awakening to the spiritual value and lifeforce inherent in all of existence is a necessary part of transforming our culture into one that can sustain life. As we invite Spirit back into our awareness we begin to understand our lives in the context of a much greater unfolding. This relation to Spirit transcends the boundaries of any specific religious practice and embraces them all within the diverse fabric of our collective human history. Spiritual awareness and connection has, in fact, been the foundation of all human cultures besides the secularized industrial growth culture we now live in.

This part of the conversation will invite us to explore our relation to Spirit in unconventional and authentic ways, trusting our own unique and inherent relationship with the lifeforce that moves through existence.

Self Realization

It all starts with you. It’s true. Your experience of life and culture is filtered through your own personal perspective. And YOU are the only thing you have any real influence over. That means…if you want to see change, growth, healing, justice and transformation happen in the world you have to create it in your own life, body, mind and soul.  You have to BE the change you wish to see in the world.

This part of the conversation will invite us to honor and heal the self by reclaiming personal responsibility, activating our personal power and lovingly caring for our bodies and minds.

Relating with Others

Culture is, by nature, a collective thing. When we explore the roots of culture we see it all comes back to our interpersonal relationships…parenting, family, partnership, community, clan, tribe, society.  And we realize that none of us will pass through this transformation alone. It is only in coming together and strengthening our relations with others that we can co-create a  life-sustaining culture. In order to do this we’ll have to heal the wounds of separation, mistrust, trauma and loss that have become associated with relationships in this culture of fear and competition.

This part of the conversation will invite us to acknowledge and transform our relational wounds so we can become more loving and conscious parents, partners, loved ones, friends and community members.

Earth Honoring

We are children of the Earth. Each and everyone of us is born of her elements and sustained by her bounty. As we seek to transform our culture into one that can actually sustain life we must follow her lead. Learning directly from the Earth and honoring the exquisite balance of the web of life she supports are essential to our survival and our evolution.  Posts in this category will guide us in reconnecting with the Earth through our daily practices and awareness.

This part of the conversation will give us the chance to explore biomimicry, rewilding, food systems, energy sources, economic impact and environmental dangers in an effort to create a culture that can restore ecological sanity in our world.


To get in on this juicy and life-changing conversation simply follow this link and request to join the group.

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