Weapons of Mass Distraction

Let’s take a moment to think about the weapons of mass distraction that are plaguing our airwaves these days and the effect that they are having in our lives…

The most important principle I teach in the Activate Your Personal Power program is that Power Follows Attention. This means that whatever you’re paying attention to has your power. Your energy is literally channelled into whatever you’re paying attention to. So, if your attention is scattered all over the place so is your power. It becomes diffused and deflated.
Giving your undistracted and concentrated attention to a project or a situation allows you to engage with it in a powerful way. This is how powerful people get stuff done. They focus. They decide what their goal is and then they direct their attention and energy on the tasks they seek to accomplish to reach that goal. They’re streamlined and efficient. They don’t let distracting side tracks get in their way.

But we, the people, are currently being assaulted on a daily basis by weapons of mass distraction…now more than ever!

The current administration and the news circus that follows them have been scattering and squandering our attention, our energy, and therefore, our power with a relentless barrage of unprecedented attacks on several major societal groups and programs that make up the very fabric of our country, along with what feels like a full blown attack on American democracy itself.
The current POTUS is a master in the art of distraction. His answers are never answers. His sentences are barely sentences. And somehow he seems to have an endless supply of inane and truly disturbing statements to tweet or jabber over the podium or sign into executive order to keep us all jumping from one atrocious headline to the next. Sean Spicer, Kelly Anne Conway and Paul Ryan are right there with him in their impressive ability to evade and distract.
This craze of distraction is not new…it has been the main theme of modern media for decades but it just keeps getting worse. In these last few months it has spiraled completely out of control and has become dizzying, sickening and truly overwhelming.

The deal is…even in the midst of all of this distraction…you’ve got a job to do…a sacred role to play that only you can play.

It is your own unique and essential part in the BIG picture of reality. And the world needs you to do it. In order to make it through this onslaught of the weapons of mass distraction, you need to wield your attention skillfully so you can focus on that job and engage in it in a powerful way, no matter what is going on in the national/global scene.
Your job could be something big for the world like… defending justice and the common good through political, social and/or environmental activism or inspiring the world through your unique artistic expression or creating solutions for some of the major problems we are facing together at this time on the planet.
Or your job could be personal…a smaller, but equally important job that only you can do…raising your child to be a thoughtful, responsible person or healing a family wound and breaking the inheritance of trauma or doing the work that you are called to do in your own personal sphere and knowing that it is where you’re supposed to be or growing food or praying.

Whatever your job is…it’s yours…and it’s sacred and it’s important. The instructions for it are in your own heart…written there for you and only you to read and to follow.

When you bring your attention there and focus your energy on doing that sacred job you are living in your personal power…and you are contributing meaningfully to the wellbeing of the world.
When considering the millions of issues that need to be addressed right now and the many different directions we may be pulled to even in our own hearts it’s important to remember that we are not doing this work alone. As we each do our own work, guided from our own hearts, we are contributing to the movement of people around the world who are also working to care for and heal this precious world.
It’s also important to remember that this work has been going on for many generations and, if we do our part well now, it may continue on for many more generations. We may not see the complete fruition of our work in our lifetimes. Our job is not to fix it all, but to respectfully give thanks to those who came before us for all the hard work, sacrifice and courage they gave throughout their lives and then to honor them by doing the same in our lives for the ones yet to be.

This administration will not last forever (thank goodness!) and the tides of media distraction will continue to ebb and flow and shift…but through it all you still have your sacred work to do.

This is not a time to throw up our hands. It is not a time to get overwhelmed and feel hopeless. This is a time to realize that it is our responsibility to create and care for the world we want to pass down to our children and those yet to be. This is the time for us to concentrate our energies and focus our intent to protect and preserve the wellbeing of the world through justice, peace and solutions that actually work for everyone and the planet.

This is the time to Activate Your Personal Power.

The brilliantly dynamic, engaged, empowering month-long group program that teaches and guides you to do just that begins on April 1, 2017. Follow this link to learn more about the program and register soon. The group will be small and intimate in order to maximize individual coaching and group cohesion so space is limited. If this is calling to you, don’t hesitate to answer the call. And if you have any questions at all please let me know.
Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with those of you who are ready to Activate Your Personal Power.

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