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Our Moment of Choice

We are coming of age…collectively…as a human family and as a planetary consciousness. We’re going through a MAJOR transformation…a growing up and a changing of form…not unlike the liquification of the caterpillar as it morphs into a butterfly or the emergence of adulthood through the chaos of the teen years. All life passes through these Continue Reading →

Tuning in to the Channel of the Earth

Clicking through the endless channels, scrolling down the newsfeed, checking our inboxes, voicemails and texts, surfing around in the vast worldwide web of human “knowledge”…we are looking… We’re looking for answers, for truth, for guidance, for connection, for inspiration…we’re looking for fulfillment.  We are looking in all the wrong places. Behind and beneath the cacophony Continue Reading →

Feral Gardening

My garden went feral…and it took me with it. Last year I planted what might have been a glorious garden, full of delicious potential. But then I wound up heading out on a road trip and being away for 6 whole weeks! I set the garden up to be watered once a day on a Continue Reading →


Paring down, weeding out, sifting through, releasing, letting go, letting go, clearing the path of all the rubble of distraction so we can remember our centers…the simple truth of who we are and why we’re here.  It’s amazing how the stuff piles up…just from living daily life year after year in one house. Clothes and Continue Reading →

Healing Transformation

Our grandmothers were sisters…and inseparable. They were always together…talking, laughing, bickering and cooking. Italian matriarchs of a large and fruitful family. We were their granddaughters…me and my big sisters…Lisa and her little sisters…a gaggle of girls watching, giggling, learning, playing, listening and eating the love-infused food they made for us. Twenty years have passed since Continue Reading →

Eating Wild

Each bite we take is a communication…a message from the source of our food…encoded and encrypted in a way only cells and spirit can understand…carrying stories of place and energy…and, ultimately, instructions for our growing bodies and souls. This is why food is so important to me. It’s not just taste and texture…or convenience and Continue Reading →

I Will Live Outside…again

“I will live outside again” …a promise I made to myself and posted on the wall by my desk 8 years ago while living in my parents’ basement as a single mother and going to school. Some people want to make a bunch of money, live in a fancy house, take vacations in “desired” locations Continue Reading →

Fed by the Mountain…quite literally

As we started walking down the path into the wilderness, my man called me to attention by asking me to let him know when I saw something edible. I’d been walking along in my own little world with a vague sort of gratitude and relief to have found our trail head, loaded up our packs Continue Reading →

Pressing on…

Sitting on a rock outcropping thousands of feet above our little town, my daughter asked me to pass the water. Relieved and grateful to have this windy respite from the mosquito swarms of the forest and a much needed break for her little legs, she opened the water bottle and took a long slow conscious Continue Reading →

What Happens in a Meadow at Dusk?

There are a few big, wild, real, living places left on this planet…a few places where the song of nature prevails and the din of industrial society is forgotten…a few places where the ancestral soul lives on in the movement of wild water and the dance of the insects on the breeze. Far from the Continue Reading →